Winter Fishing – keeping Warm

Fishing in the winter can often provide very good catches, for coarse, sea and game fishing.
The species which are often easier to catch during the winter or cold months include include pike, zander, salmon, cod, bass and flounders.

However, fish do not bite so actively during the winter, so bites are few and far between although a fish that does get hooked during the winter is often much bigger and very rewarding.

Clothing and winter fishing accessories is essential to your health and improved fishing. If you are cold the obvious thing you are going to catch is a common cold!. However being cold also causes:

numb fingers and arms – which makes it more difficult to strike a fish, hook bait and tie hooks.
numb feet and toes – which makes you slower, so if the rod is far away you may miss the take.
Concentration – When cold, you loose concentration and your mind wanders… you may only get a few bites during the cold months, so all your concentration should be focused on you angling and detecting bites.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being cold when fishing. So my advice is to invest in some very good clothing and accessories which will last.

My recommendations for winter fishing clothing & accessories include:

Thermal Jacket & Trousers – TFG Primal Thermal Fishing Jacket & Trousers
Fishing BivviesForce 8 Fishing Bivvy

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