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White Springs Fishery Specimen Lake Swansea

Whitesprings Fishery, Swansea

A 9.5-acre lake fed with natural spring water, with plenty of islands and features. A great winter water and ideal for those anglers looking for a challenge. However it is not for beginners and you must have the correct tackle to deal with the large carp of up to 45lb that can be found here.

As the lakes here are fed with natural spring water it provides great oxygen levels in the lake and this helps to support and keep active the very large head of 30+lbs that are present here all throughout the year. As you can imagine this makes winter fishing at White Springs very popular.

Lake depths range from just 2 feet to well over 8 feet. The bottom is mainly black silt broken up with gravel bars, weed patches and lily beds. The margins and open water are often overlooked but are well worth targeting, as some anglers just cast to the islands and many catches are made in the margins and the gravel bars. Bailiffs are happy to point out features as we all know a little local knowledge goes a long way on a lake. Most nutritious baits work well and although there is no magical bait on any one lake a well presented boilie will score well in a little and often approach. Small PVA bags presentations with boilies and pellets and other methods can also fish well too.

Contact: 01792 885699
Lake record: 45lb 2oz
Rules: Minimum 42in net, no braid, no sacking of fish
Stock: A decent head of mid to upper twenties and a good amount of 30lb-plus fish
Tickets: £27.50 for 24 hours

White Springs Coarse Fishery
Garnswllt Rd,

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