Stalking Carp

How often do you sit in one spot all day, only to blank?

Well, it’s never happened to me, why you ask? Because if I see they day turning out to be a duff I leave one rod baited up with my bite alarms set, and head around the lake to do some stalking.

Carry as little as possible, depending how far from my swim in going I normally just take my rod and reel, bait, landing net and unhooking mat. If I’m close to my swim the unhooking mat stays at the swim, as when I catch I take the carp back to the swim.

The key is to tread as lightly around the bank as possible, and keep low down, especially if the sun is behind you as your reflection will go over the water and spook any fish.

If the lake is clear, look out for carp, I advise you invest in a good set of sunglasses, as the reflection and glare is removed and carp will be very easy to spot. If the weather conditions are dim, or you are spotting fish from a distance then a decent pair of binoculars will help, and they should fit into your bag easily, or just hand them around your shoulder.

If the water is brown, look out for muddy swirls or water movements as this is a sign of carp feeding on the bottom.

If by reeds, watch out for the reed cluttering together as this is a sign of carp swimming and feeding between them.

When stalking I keep things very simple, normally just a hook length tied to my main line, with a hook.  No weights, floats or anything else.

I throw very little bait in, as I want fast results, and then move onto another location, so only half a handful of bait is thrown in to entice the fish to feed, using this small amount I can guarantee the carp will be onto my bait within a few minutes, if they aren’t I move on…

The bait i tend to use for this method is either pellets or a lump of bread flake squashed on the hook so it sinks. If the fish are feeding on the surface I use either bread flake or dog biscuits.

Fishing with only a hook prevents the carp from being spooked, to detect bites I simply watch the line, when it moves about a foot I strike, if fishing on the surface I just watch the carp suck the bait in and then strike.

Using these methods I catch big carp 20lbs+ as I can see the fish I want to catch and drop the bait right in front of them, this tactic works 90% of the time.

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