Snowman Rig

The snowman rig provides almost neutral buoyancy which allows it to behave extremely naturally when lying just above the lake bed.

The idea behind the rig is that the small bait at the top of the hair is designed to counteract the buoyant pop-up below. Shaped like a body and head is where the rigs name, ‘snowman’ comes from. Dont make it critically balanced as it will float a little too much, the idea behind the snowman rig is to have the larger boilie pinned to the surface, with the smaller pop-up boilie above it. You can check for the correct buoyancy by testing the rig in a bait box full of water with a free boilie next to it. When you swish the water, watch to see if the rig bait moves similar to the free boilie. If the rig is too bouyant just trim a little off the pop-up. Its also good to trim both boilies so they change shape, carp become familiar with rounded boilies, and the larger carp may shy away. Colours and flavours also make a diference. There is no right or wrong, just experiment and see what works best for you.

Tying The Snowman Rig

Start by tying yourself a knotless knott. Make sure you have enough or a hair to add both of the baits.  Presentation is very important, if the baits dont site correctly due to too long or too shoter hair the carp may not take it, or if they do the hook may not hold in the carp.

Using a baiting needle thread the larger boilie on, followed by the pop-up. Then secure with a boilie stop, try to match the boilie stop colour with the colour of the pop-up for perfect presentation.

Test your rig in the margins, or a water container to see how it sits. If required add a small shot or tungsten putty to keep the snowman from popping up too much.

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