Salt – A good addition to Bait

Adding rock salt or sea salt to ground bait or paste will improve your catch rate.
The addition of salt gives that extra flavour which carp and general coarse fish are attracted to.

Do not use table salt, as there are added chemicals which may harm fish.

I add salt whenever possible, normally just a slight scattering amongst the ground bait or paste. I always find I have the edge over anglers when I’m mixing salt and others anglers aren’t.

There are 100’s of paste and ground bait mixes available and im frequently asked what I use  for a mix, to be honest I don’t have a particular method, but a few items I use on a regular basis to make the bulk of my ground bait includes:

bread crumb
vitalin – pet food available from all pet shops
maggots (not too many as they breakup the ground bait) you could use dead ones instead
codlavine – from horse feed suppliers.
flavourings – depending on the time of year depends on the flavour.
chili powder
red band – pigeon conditioner
worcester sauce
tiger nuts
mixed pulses

I don’t use all the above at once but a mix of the above including other baits is a good starting point.
I’ll be adding posts about particular recipes shortly.

If you have any preferred baits please list them below.

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