Ron Thompson Carbonite System Box

The New carbonite seat box is one of the best value match or general course fishing box on the market. The box is fully loaded with extras, and available at an unbelievable price!, click the buy now button for a competitive price.

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ron thompson seat box

Seat Box Details

The box comes complete with a solid square leg frame system with adjustable legs and flexible mud feet. Also included is a folding footplate with adjustable legs, side tray with a sliding accessory bowl that slides neatly under the main box and locks in place. There is a magnetic 3 drawer system and the comfy pole seat also doubles up as a pole winder tray. The main box has a deeper padded section for even more accessories and the soft padded strap will ensure comfort, all the way to your peg!
Seat Box Features

  • Pole winder tray
  • Accessory bowl system
  • Deep tray for extra storage
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Folding footplate
  • Magnetic 3 drawer system

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