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For the serious carp angler, choosing the correct landing net is extremely important. The net is going to be the first thing that meets your capture, so it’s important you are confident and comfortable using you landing net. The landing net head needs to be strong and durable, but you also need it to meet generally accepted standards of carp care, so using the correct mesh is important, The most popular is a hex-mesh, which is generally considered to be the strongest and least abrasive mesh type. You want a low abrasion mesh when you are looking to land fish, as you don’t want to remove too much of the carp’s protective slime. You are also at risk of damaging the delicate fins of the carp, too. A soft and nonabrasive mesh is essential as it will protect the carp as they flap around.  In most cases, nets will be constructed of a wider mesh for the main body of the net and a finer mesh for the base of the net. This is especially essential if you are looking to retain your fish in the water for a short period of time. Landing net heads on carp nets tend to be 42 inches. This refers to the length of the arms of the net, not the depth or the width of the net (although, the longer the arms are the wider the net will be). A 42inch net ensures that you can target and land the vast majority of the carp in the UK, as well as a whole variety of European species. However, if you like to target even bigger fish or you’re regularly carp fishing on the continent targeting huge high doubles then you might be interested in an even larger landing net. We stock nets up to 50inches online, which are able to house the very biggest carp both here and over the other side of the channel.

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