Plugging for Bass

bass fishing plugThe sea bass is one of the most desired fish to catch off the UK shore. Known for its hard fighting, catching this fish on plugging gear makes the catch extra special.

The setup is very eay, simply attach the plug to the main line. If the plug does not come equipped with a swivel (most do), its worth adding a trace from the main line connected via a swivel. This will stop the main line from twisting a fraying.

Use a  heavy spinning rod between 9-11ft, with a medium sized fixed spool reel when plugging. You need this setup with a fixed spool reel in order to cast further, a multiplier doesn’t work as well when there is no weight.

There is no right or wrong plug to use, you could try a popper, deep diver or any other, they all differ depending on the weather conditions, the depth you are fishing and the terrain. Simply keep swapping if you have no success, but when you find the bass plug which works, you should catch regularly.

Plugging for Bass from the Rocks
‘Rock hopping’ as it;’s known is the best way to cover a lot of ground, basically fish very light. A rod, reel and bag full of spinners and plugs. Look out for gullies and rock peaks and fish from these, cover all areas by casting in all directions. Reel in at different speeds and change plugs for different depths.

Plugging for Bass from a Boat
The same technique should be used from a boat, cast in all directions, from the boat you have a 360 degree rotation, so cast in all directions to cover all the ground. Bass tend to feed close in, so only go 50 or a 100 yards from the coastline, or find a peak of rocks and fish around these.

Bass like oxygenated water, so water splashing against rocks or gushing through gullies attract them, and sand eels (which is their natural food source).

Bass are most active on spring tides, and plugging is best between the months of June and November. Although the bigger bass tend to show from October to November.

Popular Bass plugs include:
The storm saltwater chug bug
Storm Jointed Thunderstick
Rapala Countdown Magnums
Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow

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