Casting a Multiplier Reel

There are many ways to skin a cat or in this case spin a cast. We are talking, of course, about casting multiplier reels sometimes known as “baitcasters.” They are a more effective way to cast . Whether your fishing with squid or worm, multiplier reels are the way to go when you want to cast far for those bigger species..

Many anglers who are used to fixed spools are skeptic about using multiplier reels because they fear an over-run or even worse, that they won’t know how to use one. Fact is, multiplier reels are quite easy to use and cast.

A great idea when you cast is to hold it at 45 degrees towards the sea. You want to make sure you cast up instead of out. This will help the line come off the spool slower and allow you to achieve a cast with greater distance. It will also help you to avoid the most common rookie mistake– the dreaded birds nest. Make sure that your rod is the same weight as your lure for the best cast. A steady hand will go a long way in your fishing endeavors.

Another tip to keep in mind is stopping the spool firmly just before the lead breaks the water. Make sure to control it with a thumb finger as soon as the lead begins sinking. The trick is to start off gently and then build up your power at a slow pace. This technique will help you with greatly with efficiency and is another way to avoid birds nest. Once you get over your fear of multiplier reels, you will start seeing big results. Just remember that it may take you a few different tries at first, but it will be well worth it once you start reeling in those big fish!

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