The mullet is the ‘coarse’ fish of the sea. They are very difficult fish to catch and a grat deal of patience is required.

Mullet can be found all around the coast, but are best targeted where frequent food is present. For example, harbour walls, slip-ways, jetty’s and even sewage out-lets. Estuarys and creeks are also a great place to fish for them.

To get the fish feeding groundbait should be used, a mixture of bread flake with mashed up mackerel is great. Coarse fishing or fly tackle is best, simply use light tackle with a waggler float, a size 8 or 10 hook is ample. With a fly rod, just use a hook with either bread, maggot or a thin strip of mackeral and cast out.

Bites are very small so strike as soon as the float goes, or fly line moves. These fish put up a great fight and can vary in size, a fish of 5lb is common.

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