Guide to Bait and Rigs

This book is aimed towards the beginner to intermediate fisherman.

A Guide to baits and Rigs could be an ideal gift for someone just starting out and needs a little help on the types of rigs used and how to set them up.

A rig is the the ‘business end’ of the setup, and a well presented rig with the correct bait will give you the advantage over the fish. There are many types of rigs for different conditions and fish species. Bait presentation is also an important factor, this book demostrates on how to ‘bait up’ correctly to present the bait most naturally, and to ensure the bait stays in contact over long casting distances.

You can purchase this great book from Amazon, here are a few comments by fisherman who have purchased at Amazon

‘If you are new to sea fishing then this book will help you through the minefield of technical names and jargon. It will show you how to make simple and effective rigs which do catch fish, believe me i am a serious match fisherman! it then explains the various types of sea baits and their usages how to hook worms etc…..bait presentation is just as important as the rig you are using. This book certainly helped me no end when i started back beach fishing 4 years ago, it will give you the confidence to go into your tackle shop and not look like a complete novice, and also save you money in the long run.’

‘I have only had this book for a few days and only being a beginner to the world of Sea Angling i have found it very useful. It has show me things that you would never know unless you belong to a club, instead of bying rigs it shows you how to build your own therefore saving money. it also shows how to keep your bait fresh and re-usable for your next fishing trip, that also saves money. All in all a very cheap but valuble book for the beginner to Sea Angling.’

‘I have been sea fishing all my life,but my next outing will be a far more enjoyable and hopefully more rewarding experience after reading this book. All the directions,diagrams and photographs were clear and easy to understand,this made reading it a real pleasure. A lot of what is covered in this book is of the most up to date ideas or improvments on some tried and tested old ones. ‘

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