Fishing on the River Severn – Below Caersws Bridge

Approaching Caersws from the A470 you will come to an old bridge which goes over the River Severn into Caersws. Turn left, just before the bridge (into the football field) for parking.

Walk down the river, past the bridge. Just the other side of the bridge is a nice pool with an over hanging bush on the far bank. Cast a fly, worm or spinner into this pool and you should hook into a trout, grayling or salmon. I tend to cast into the arch of the bridge and let a fly go with the flow, under the bushes which is where the fish lay in waiting.

Just below the bridge is a nice pool

Just below the bridge is a nice pool

About 200 yards down the river you’ll notice the river starts to get slower a deeper, with Sally trees on the far side. In the summer months these grow a few feet out giving good shade to the fish. The closer you can fish to these the better.

Fish this stretch all the way down, until the water starts to flow fast again (from where the below video is taken). This stretch of river over the last eight years has changed greatly, and you can see where it once curved around, which was once a very big deep pool, known as Bens pool. Sadly this is now dry due to the change of the river (you can see tress and bricks where it once flowed) to meet up where it currently runs.

From the bridge down the stretch is fairly straight, that is until a sharp decent where the water flows much faster and turns into a very sharp bend and into a deep pool. This spot is excellent when the salmon are running.

The video clip below shows the stretch of the River :

From here down there are two to three other good pools. Where the Caersws Angling water ends.