Choosing the Right Footwear for the Fishing Bank

Fishing – a fascinating hobby

Fishing is one of the post popular pastimes in the UK, with over 4 million anglers
fishing every year. It`s not only a fascinating sport and an enjoyable way to spend
time in the great outdoors, anglers also contribute to river conservation by helping
to keep waterways clean and well stocked. The basics of fishing can be learned in as
little as a couple of days, but you can spend a lifetime mastering the art of

Footwear for fishing

Before you set off, make sure that you have suitable footwear for fishing. Rubber
boots are an invaluable piece of kit, but which type you choose will depend on what
type of fishing trip you are going on. Top siders are ideal if you will be launching
a boat off a pier or dock as they are waterproof and have non-slip soles. If you
will be standing at a riverbank, consider investing in a pair of wade fishing boots.
These are usually designed to reach thigh length and to give good traction on uneven
surfaces. Most importantly, they won`t come off if your feet sink into mud.

For boat trips and sea angling consider investing in a good pair of deck or boat
shoes. These shoes are usually made of leather or nubuck, but the most important
feature is the soles. These are made of rubber and should have enough grip to be
able to stop you from sliding around, but shouldn`t leave ugly marks on the deck of
the boat. Recent advances in fabric technology have led to the creation of deck
trainers, which are becoming increasing popular as they are lightweight and dry

Sailing sandals and flip flops are intended for sailing in warm weather, and there
is evidence to suggest that because they expose feet to clean air, they reduce the
chance of infection. Sandals and flip flops designed for sailing are lightweight and
come in a wide variety of styles. They should have non-slip soles and be padded for

If you don`t intend to be in the water at any point during your fishing trip, a pair
of hiking or walking shoes should be adequate for your needs. If you will need to
walk some distance to your chosen spot, it makes sense to invest in a lightweight,
sturdy pair of shoes or boots which will see you through most eventualities. As
British weather is so unpredictable, choosing a waterproof pair would be sensible.
Fishing gear, equipment and supplies

To get started, you can buy a beginners package fairly cheaply containing a rod and
a variety of hooks, swivels and other vital equipment. This should be enough to get
you started, but you will no doubt want to invest in more equipment as you improve.
A tackle box is vital to transport your equipment, and can also double up as
something to sit on. The most basic type is just a box with a carry strap, so you
will need to buy a selection of smaller boxes to keep all your small items separate.
As well as considering which footwear you will need for your new hobby, think about buying a lightweight
waterproof jacket and a warm hat for cold weather

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