Fishing Bite Alarms

A bite alarm is a method used to alarm the angler that the fish has taken or playing with the presented bait.

Electronic Bite Alarm
The standard bite alarm which will spring to mind is the ‘electronic bite alarm’, these have become very popular when fishing for carp and catfish. Used throughout the day, but become a very valuable piece of kit when night fishing.

They vary in price depending on the features you require, the high-end range of bite alarms are presented in very stylish protective cases and the functions include volume, tone and sensitivity controls, plus remote controls, buzzer boxes and ear phones.

Quiver Tip
A quiver tip is an extension to the rod, normally a ledger rod. The idea is to screw or push a quiver on the end of the rod, this is very light and sensitive, when a bite occurs the quiver will move, and the angler will strike. You may sometime require a dark board, which is pushed into the bank with a bank stick, this helps to make the quiver stand out on sunny days when the quiver may blend into the background.

They are an advanced method to the bobbin tactic below. Basically the line is clipped to a bobbin which is attached to either string, a thin pole or the rod stand, they can be used in conjunction with the electronic bite alarm for additional detection. When a fish bites the bobbin moves up or down.

A bobbin is attached to the line between the reel and the first eye on the rod. The line is pulled down so the bobbin pops-up when a fish bites. A very simple, cheap method which works. The bobbin can be bought from all tackle shops, or homemade from cork, washing up liquid caps. I have even used bread paste in the past. There are different variants of bobbins, some come with rod stands, which are more expensive.

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