Carp Rigs – The essentials

carp rigsCarp rigs have evolved over the years and some rigs remain a secret to the individual angler.

I have experimented with many different rigs in the past, some have worked but others have failed. I wouldn’t say there is one outstanding rig to use as each one differs and the success of the rig is also down to external factors including:

• The lake conditions – has it been heavily fished recently?
• Fishing methods – Are you spodding? Fishing in the right place?
• Ground the fish are feeding on – Are you fishing on mud, weed, gravel or sand?
• Bait – Boilies, PoP-ups, meat, maggots, worm etc…

If combinations of the above are not correct the fish feeding habits could be affected. So the perfect rig on its day may not work.
Likewise, if the fish are in a feeding frenzy, a rig which not been setup correctly may still work. It’s all down to the conditions on the day.

However having a correct rig will increase your chances of catching fish when some of the other factors are in your favour – it’s all about increasing the odds!

Remember though, that carp will eventually wise up to a good rig if its used on the same lake time and time again. So I would recommend you alternate rigs after a few fishing sessions on the same venue.

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