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Okay, you’ve woken early to go fishing, but the weather is terrible, stormy and dull. The wind is in the east (the fish bite the least).

From my experience when conditions are this bad the best place is to stay at home. But your still eager to fish I hear you say! OK its second best and may not be every ones idea of fun, but you could play a few fishing games on your PC or Games console.

One of my favourites is:

Rapala: Tournament Fishing for the Xbox 360

  • Realistic fish detail with advanced AI
  • Fish in over 500,000 specially-selected acres of the world’s finest trophy waters
  • Guided trips led by Rapala’s Pro Staff
  • Catch bass, pike, walleye, salmon, catfish, muskie, trout and more!
  • Okay, its not the real thing, but you have stayed dry, safe and still managed to hook and land a fish – albeit online 🙂


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