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Shore / Rock Fishing – Beginners Advice

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We all have to start somewhere and this blog is intended to help the beginner as well as give essential advice to the more experienced angler.

Ok so you’re interested in fishing and would like to take up the sport. My advice for the complete beginner would be to hitch up with a friend who fishes and go with them, try out their rod and see if you’re really going to enjoy the sport. Purchasing rods, reels and tackle can be expensive – so you want to make sure you are going to enjoy the sport before splashing out on new tackle.

Hopefully you enjoy the fishing session and the next move is to purchase your first rod and reel.
The rod will depend on your size; it’s no good purchasing a rod which does not feel right. I would advise you go for a rod capable of casting a 4 to 6oz weight. For a beginner definitely buy a fixed spool fishing reel. A fixed spool reel is much easier to use than a multiplier reel, and generally the cheaper option.

Tackle, is easy. Main fishing line 15 to 20lb, shock leader 30-40lb, hooks, swivels, beads, 4 to 6oz weights, knife, fishing box and rucksack.

The ideal place to find all the above is a car boot sale, you could probably get the lot for under £40.

Another option is the internet, if you are buying over the internet I would recommend you go to a tackle shop first and just feel the rod and reel to ensure you get the right balance but for the complete beginner I would still go to the car boot for your first fishing rod, and then once you’re hooked on the sport spend a little more for the better quality rod and reel. Like all products, the more you pay the better quality and build you receive.

For further advice look around this fishing blog, leave comments or questions below and I will answer them all.

Good luck on your first fishing trip…..