Trakker Trident Bivvy

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Trakker Trident Fishing Bivvy

From reviewing my fishing bivvy advice, I have researched a few Bivvies, one shelter which slightly differs from my considerations is the Trakker Trident Bivvy from Fishtec. This is because its an open faced bivvy, so you can easily get out of the Bivvy when the bite alarm goes off.

Trakker Trident Fishing Bivvy

Trident is the all new bivvy from Trakker. The perfect solution for anglers wanting the freedom of an openfaced bivvy but without compromising the security and protection you get from a fully enclosed bivvy. Like our Armo range of bivvies the Trident is made from groundbreaking Aquatexx material that’s over 40% stronger than conventional nylon fabrics. Those who know buy Armo.

  • New 3 section two break pole system. Allows much quiicker erection/breakdown
  • Now fits easily into a quiver
  • Removable peak
  • Removeable (zip off) front
  • Trident is a 1 man bivvy, size 2.3m x 2.8m
  • Compatible with all existing Armo 1 man wraps
  • Can be used as a day shelter, or with the addition of a super extended wrap, an emergency 2 man bivvy.
  • Trident image shown with frame support – sold separately

Fishing Bivvy

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When buying a bivvy for fishing you need to consider the following points, some are essentials but others preferences:


  • Speed to erect the Bivvy, can you erect it by yourself?Buy force 8 bivvy
  • Can it withstand the strong winds and heavy rain?
  • Speed to pack the Bivvy away – does it fit easily into its original bag?
  • How heavy is the Bivvy to carry when packed away?
  • Does it pack into a reasonable size for transporting, both on land and in a vehicle?
  • Is it made from quality products, are the seems, glue, zips, pegs, cord and poles looking good? or are they fragile!
  • Does it dry quickly?
  • Is it a popular brand – can you get parts?

Personal Preferences:

  • How accessible is the Bivvy, does it have any obstructions, are the zips awkward. You need fast access in and out of the Bivvy if you hook into a fish.
  • Is it spaciouse, will it only fit one fisherman, is there room for your expensive fishing gear. (at night i keep loose expensive tackle inside with me)
  • Height of the Bivvy, the standard is around 5feet 6inches.
  • Is there a flap on the Bivy floor to prevent rain water coming in the entrance?
  • Is there a storm porch for added protection when the doors are open (which can be often).
  • Are there windows on the Bivvy doors
  • Are there pockets in the Bivvy for storing tackle, torches, alarms etc?
  • Are there loops in the Bivvy for hanging lights?
  • Can your bed fit in only one-way?
  • Does it get very hot inside, how many air vents are there?

BivvyTaking the above options into consideration a Bivvy should be thought as a long term purchase. In other words its best splashing the cash on a decent recommended Bivvy which is going to last years, than paying for a cheap one which isn’t  up to the job and will only last a couple of seasons fishing.

Even if you only intend to use the Bivvy for short sessions, its still best (if within your budget) to pay that little extra. These days with technology improving you can get a very good Bivvy for around £200+

If you are a beginner or on a limited budget, then you can pick them up for as little as £30, but obviously the quality is not there.

Bivvy’s A Bivvy is normally available in two size, being one man or two man. There are also different versions:

  • The Shelter – a simple shelter, normally an umbrella with added canvas and pegged down
  • The Dome – Single skinned layer, doesn’t keep the wind out so well!
  • The Twin-skinned Dome is the all singing and dancing Bivvy. Wind-proof, rain-proof and damp-proof. The double layer also keep the heat in which should be a huge factor if you intend fishing cold nights during the winter.