Rock Fishing at Newquay Headland, Cornwall

There are three very good spots along the headland, I have found all other marks around here very snaggy, and lost a fair amount of fishing tackle over the years.

Newquay Headland

Fishing Mark 1

Within 10yards of the car park this spot is easy to reach, out of all the headland marks it is the one that puts you closest to the sea level, so on a rough day can be a little scary. Cast 30yrs plus to miss the snaggy rocks.

Fishing Mark 2

The safest spot on th headland, it even has a little shelter. The only downside to this spot is that you fish in a cove shaped part of the headland, so you need to cast 20yds before you reach the same level as marks 3 and 4. This spot is best for the beginner and its level and easy to cast from.

Fishing Mark 3

This is the best spot on the headland for catching cod (that I have seen). Cast out in front of you toward Porth Island, 70yrd plus is recommended onto a sandy area. This is one snag here which must be a little shelf or reef, apart from this the mark is a very good spot. For wrasse or conger eels fish just 10 to 20 yards out, but be prepared to loose some tackle.

Fishing Mark 4

The very tip of the headland reveals a fishing spot where two anglers can fish easily, the spot faces directly out to see, so If there is a westerly wind and can become a little breezy. From this mark you are high above the sea level, which allows to cast that little further, when reeling in don’t stop as it can be a little snaggy close in.

In general, most species are caught at night on the headland, and I find the months of November – February will catch Cod, Coalfish and Whiting, and the months of July – September will catch conger, wrasse, garfish, mackerel, plaice, dabs and the odd bass. I have always found March, April & October to be very sparse and long hours have to be spent for a decent bite. Of course there is always the odd day in these months that will produce, but on average I would fish elsewhere.

Best baits for this location is lugworm, ragworm, squid and mackerel. Peeler crab with lug is good for when the cod arrive during the colder months.

The advantage with this spot is that the car park is very close, and one spot is high up, so if careful can be fished when the sea is rough. Although it goes without saying that your own judgement should be used, and if conditions are too rough, go home – there is always another day.