Porth Island Nr Newquay

Rock Fishing at Porth Island, Cornwall

Personally my favourite spot and I have caught nice fish from this mark, mainly big cod and big bass. I have also seen people spinning for and catching Pollack in the summer.

This is a safe mark, as most spots around the Island are high up and on flat rocky shelves.  Its best fished 2 hours before high tide at dark.  I’ve only caught well here when there is a good swell running and the location of the mark puts you just beyond the surf when the tide is high.

Best baits here include ragworm, lugworm, squid and sandeel.

It is a little hike from where you can park the car, so I travel as light as possible. Oh and watch out for the rabbit holes on the Island, in the dark you tend to find them with your foot more often!

Porth Island Hotspot