Flounder Fishing on the River Camel

During the months from late October through to late February great flounder fishing can be found along the banks of the River Camel, just up-river from Padstow.

A great spot is along the ‘Camel Trail’ a path known for Bike rides. Walk along this path from Padstow, until you reach a big iron bridge. I fish either side of the bridge, its great for flounders.

The Iron Bridge

Fish an in coming tide, during the day. Its best when its sunny, and when there hasn’t been too much rain, as this makes the water very dirty. Flounder like clear water and they have very good eye-sight.

Coarse fishing gear and carp rods are ample, you want to fish with light tackle. The rod needs a light tip action to detect bites much easier. Use carp bomb for the weight and small long shank hooks.

The best baits are peeler crab and / or harbour rag (small rag worms). You can dig for these under the iron bridge at low tide.

This is also a very good spot for young bass.

Just be careful of the incoming tide and thick muddy banks. You can easily get stuck in the mud here if you are not careful, and the tide comes in very fast.

When the tide is out, take note of the mud banks, as the flounder come in with the tide and feed on these banks. So you want to cast onto these sloping banks, not on top of them but on the sides of the mud gullies.

During the earlier months of November, there are plenty of flounders, but the bigger flounder are to be caught during February.