Falmouth Sea Fishing – The Old Wall

This fishing mark is approximately ½ a mile straight off the lighthouse at Falmouth. I  have dived this spot and the bottom is very rocky, but level with lots of holes.

The Old Wall[zoom=11]

The seabed here is very eerie, cold and not much fish life at all. There are lots of broken shells but
in terms of mid to low level feeding fish, we have never seen any.

But from my fishing  experiences here, there are fish which hide in the holes and gullies, mainly conger eel
and bull huss. 

Fish here at night on a slack tide. I have found the best method is to take a sack of fish  guts (very smelly) and tie this off to the anchor, it attract the bull huss.

I have caught huss over 15lb here and conger over 30lb. The biggest fish I ever  hooked was from this spot, late at night. Fishing a mackerel flapper on a conger rig. The eel was easily over 100lbs; it was the length of our boat (18ft). We gaffed it, but it  simply twisted its-self and literally straightened the gaff, span off and
snapped the line.  Although I lost the fish, it was the best fishing experience I have ever had, and one
neither I nor my brother-in-law will ever forget!

So to anyone fishing on the old wall, beware as there is still one huge fish out there  somewhere.