Boat Fishing Off Fistral – Newquay

A great spot for pollack is literally a 1/4 mile out from Fistral Beach Newquay.
Drift from the headland down towards the Gannel Estuary.

If you have a fish finder, you’ll notice a pattern of sand banks followed by rock peaks all along the drift, the pollack tend to hide around these rocks.

I would advice you go on a calm day, as the surf at Fistral can be large, and with the drift you actually come fairly close to the shoreline.

Ive fished here in the evenings on a number of occasions in the summer and have always caught a fair few, other species include Gurnard and Wrasse. It’s not diffilcult to bag 20 plus pollack within a couple of hours.

The method I use is simple, silver shrimp topped up with slivers of mackeral or squid. The depth is around 30-40 ft depending on the tide, so it isn’t hard work reeling them in.