Bristol Channel Cod Fishing

The Bristol Channel is the best fishing venue for Cod in the South West and maybe the best in the UK!

Although best fished at night, the great attraction with this fishing venue is that the cod bite both day and night as the water is so murky they can hardly tell the difference. The channel also has a very strong tides (some of the stongest tidal waters in the world), so a lot of silt is always on the move, which helps the cod feeding habits. Perks and plugs are out here as the water is always murky, so only natural smelly baits will do.

The Cod season tends to start at the end of August and runs right through to the middle of May, although the best catches come when it is much colder between October and January, not only becuase it is cold but the Cod feed vigorously in preparation for spawning, then again in March and April which is generally known as the spring run of Cod.

I call the Bristol Channel a venue, but the channel is a massive area and can be fished either in England or Wales, its basically muddy from both sides. Or if you have a boat in the middle of the Channel.

Popular spots include:

New Passage, (near the second Severn Bridge)
Severn Beach
Clevedon – Layde Bay

When shore fishing its best fished a few hours either side of high tide, but if you do not know the areas I recommend arriving at the fishing venue just after low tide (or go the day before at low tide) so you can see the area you’ll be fishing on, not only for snags but you can see the natural bait available to the cod.

Best baits include lugworm and peeler crab, tipped with squid or mackerel.

On its day, the channel can produce a lot of cod around 5lb+ and many double figure cod. Although it can be great fishing the Channel is one of the most dangerous venues in the UK, slippery muddy banks, very fast tides and cold murky waters all increase the dangers of the Channel, so don’t fish alone!!

If you know of any other good venues (which I’m sure there are many) along the Bristol Channel please add your comments below.