Sea Bass

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Regarded as a premier marine sport fish in the United Kingdom. The sea bass (Dicentrarchus labraxis) a highly targeted fish for UK sea anglers.

The sea bass is an excellant fighting fish, and the bites are often a real heavy clunk followed by a long run. They provide sea anglers with great sport.

The bass is a very powerful fish, its features include a very large muscular mouth, sharp pointing fins and gills like razors. The scales are menium sized and the colur a steelish bluey grey.

They mainly feed in the surf, for sandeels and on clear days can often be seen swimming, sometimes in depths of water less than a few feet.  Other feeding grounds include rock peaks, and ‘School Bass’ can be found entering estuaries during the summer. Juveniles venture far up estuaries into brackish water, where salt water meets fresh.

Bass move inshore to spawn during March through to June, they are a very slow growing fish and a few year ago were becoming very rare.

Thankfully strict size limits, and a marketed catch and release policy has helped preserve stocks. Cleaner coastal waters are also all helping populations of bass to become re-established in many areas, but commercial fishing is still the major obstacle.


2 Responses to “Sea Bass”
  1. liyakat says:

    i wanted to know what type of food did sea bass is given

  2. Andrew says:

    The best baits for bass are:

    Live peeler crab
    Live sandeel
    Ragworms tipped with squid

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