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Great news, as this month it appears that the on-going debate on whether pleasure sea anglers would require a sea angling licence has been resolved. It looks as if this impossible idea is being scrapped.

A number of meetings with sea angling associations and observations from DEFRA have concluded that the average pleasure angler would not stand for such an introduction. The case may have stood a better chance if the government could prove that past actions were working, but with mistakes in the past, such as bass size limits, cod stocks and all the other political goings on, the general angler would not stand for such an introduction.

Besides, how would this be policed, there are thousands of miles of coastline, great fishing spots miles from now where, estuaries and in shore fishing. Imagine the size of operation required to monitor such a large area. A river or lake is much easier to control, and at the end of the day the money paid for fresh water licence does go to help fish stocks, water management and control how would the money for a sea angling licence be put to good use? If you can think of any let me know!

Overall it was the vast majority of public opinion that has stemmed this daft idea, thanks to magazines like Sea Angler, whose fellow readers and members have filed complaints which I presume have been forwarded to the officials. The ‘April’ issue of Sea Angler has a concise article on this outcome and is well worth a read.

Some of you may well have other opinions, feel free to contribute them within this post.

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