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The Perch belongs to the family of Perciformes – fish with spined fins. It is a hunting fish a will often feed on fry and smaller fish.

Perch Statistics:
Scientific Name: Perca fluviatilis
Maximum Weight: 7lb
Average Weight: 6-8oz
Maximum Length: 20 inches
Life Span: 13 years

Perch Characteristics:
The Perch has striking looks well suited to its predatory life. Its flanks are olive green with six or seven black stripes, camouflaging it among weed and reeds.

Where to Catch a Perch:
Perch can be found in any freshwater system, lakes, rivers, streams, canals and ponds.

Feeding Habits of the Perch:
The Perch is a predator and will use weeds and reeds against its colour to blend in with the environment. As the fish or bait passes by they will strike. At certain times of the year, Perch will group to feed on fry and smaller fish.

Perch Baits:
Small fish, fry, worms, maggots, meat

How to catch a Perch:
Popular methods include waggler or pole fishing methods with a simple float and hook.
Feeder methods with maggotts and ground bait in the feeder with a double red maggot on the hook.
Spinning – Small mepps spinners are very good.

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