Koi Herpes Virus Disease outbreaks confirmed

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News From Defra

Movements of fish in and out of two fisheries, in Derbyshire and Somerset, have been restricted following the confirmation of the serious viral fish disease, Koi Herpesvirus Disease.

Defra has issued Designated Area Orders prohibiting the movement of fish to and from:

  • Press Manor Fishery (Press Reservoir), Birkin Lane, Ashover, Nr Chesterfield, Derbyshire; and
  • Pavyotts Mill Farm, East Coker, Yeovil, Somerset.

Samples were taken from the affected fisheries following reported deaths of fish.

KHV Disease affects common carp and carp varieties such as Koi.  It can result in high rates of fish mortalities although there are no implications for human health. 

It became a legal obligation to notify suspicion of KHV Disease on 6 April 2007, with measures developed in partnership between government and industry to help combat outbreaks.

Suspicion of the presence of the disease should be immediately reported to: the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) in Weymouth who can be contacted on  01305-206673/206674 or fish.health.inspectorate@cefas.co.uk


Lets hope these two fisheries bounce back quickly.

It is very concerning how KHV is infecting fisheries, I would stress to all anglers that they disinfect their nets, unhooking mats, weigh slings and even footwear. Before and after fishing.

After fishing leave your equipment to dry in the direct sunlight, as this will kill most diseases. The problem occurs when your nets / equipment is wet and you go from one lake to another, transporting the virus.

To all fisheries, I strongly advice you have the necessary net dips enforced, with strict rules.
We use FAM 30 at our lakes which can be purchased from most farm supplies. But for further information please contact the environment agency.

Lets stop this disease from spreading further – we can all help!

Please post your comments if you have experienced this or other diseases, and your advice on how to combat it.

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