KHV Disease hits White Acres

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So the KHV disease reaches White Acres in Cornwall. I have been reading a number of forums and there has been quite a stir on this subject, question raised include:

Should White Acres remain open?
Has the fishing been affected?
Is it fair to the fish?
Could White Acres have warned anglers / holidaymakers sooner on their website?
Could / should they close infected lakes?
Have White Acres been responsible?

Well, I’m not going to personally answer these questions as anglers have different opinions. What I would say is that there is no proven record of how this disease spreads, but there is a good indication that it is via:

– Untreated angling equipment (keepnets, landing nets, unhooking mats)
– Via birds, most probably cormorants or herons.
– By infected fish stocks – (No fish have been stocked into the fishing lakes from outside sources for very nearly five years)

Because there is no real proof of how this disease spreads, I feel we need to presume that it is carried by all the above, and maybe more. If diseases of this type are to be stopped, stricter rules need to be inforced!

So the main debate on certain forums is the question ‘Should White Acres remain open’. Both White Acres and CEFAS need to think in a responsible manner to the fish, angler and other fishery owners.

The Fish:
The question needs to be asked, is it fair on the fish. Rules are in place to protect the fish, for example bait restrictions, hook sizes, methods, maximum line strengths. So care is taken to look after the fish. But does it seem fair to let a fish in distress be caught, or potentially infect another fishery and spread disease, if there is any risk of this, surely procedures should be in place to close a fishery for a time period?

The Responsible Angler:
The main debate with White Acres is that it is not your ‘normal fishery’ its basically one of the most popular fisheries in the UK for fishing holidays and matches, so anglers from all corners of the UK come here. ‘IF’ KHV is spread via untreated nets and equipment , it is virtually impossible to stop this disease from spreading to all corners of the UK, as restrictions by White Acres may be in place, but the majority of anglers will not dip there nets on leaving the venue.

Other Fisheries:
Would all other fisheries (including White Acres) be nervous of allowing an angler to use nets which have just come from an affected fishery.

There is one simple thought I have had? If they must remain open, why don’t they make it compulsory for all anglers to use nets & mats provided by White Acres? Or is this too simple to think of?
Surely Parkdean can afford to lend out landing nets, keep nets and unhooking mats to there travelling anglers, even during the credit crunch?

So please post your opinions, experiences below.


20 Responses to “KHV Disease hits White Acres”
  1. Jason says:

    I don’t think Whiteacres have acted very responsible here – with all their money you’d think they would close the lakes than chance infecting other lakes across the UK!!

  2. Gemma says:

    well i had my main hoilday here in september for a week for my whole fishing family and whata let down thay knew what was going on from the start and didnt act at all we even seen the pull out 7 dead fish and thay keeped saying nothing was wrong even tho we had only caught 4 fish all week want ever go again and weve been going every year since 2000

  3. admin says:

    Gemma – I can’t comment on you only catching four fish – I dont think fishing has been affected that much. You may have just hit a duff week, or it may have been heavily fished in a match before your arrival.

    Has anyone fished white acres recently who can provide an update on the situation?

  4. Paul says:

    i havnt been fishing here yet i was planning a trip for my birthday and was dissapointed to find out that KHV has infected the lake. whiteacres should shut the lake untill the probems delt with its not fair to the fish being caught and being put through alot off pressure, ive often seen on holiday campsite lakes that a portion of the anglers dnt know much about carp care ive seen carp to 20lb dropped on gravel pathways and lef to bash der heads when flappin around on the side, all this at whiteacres while KHV is a problem could result in a serious loss of fish.

  5. paul says:

    i went to whiteacres in june 2008,the fishing was excellent we were catching between 10 and 20 good size carp between 6 and 13lb every day.i did notice the old guy walking round with a net picking out dead fish,but he put it down to people not handling the fish properly and kids dropping them.i had a great time and will be going back in june again.i hope this problem has been sorted out by then.any idea if it will?

  6. admin says:

    Paul – I haven’t heard of any updates but I would imagine they are trying to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

    I think you went just before the big outbreak.

    I also don’t know what lakes it affected, remember they do have a lot of lakes so if the disease is only in a few lakes it would make sense to shut these down to try and avoid a total spread….so I would imagine you will have somewhere to fish :-)

    Can anyone provide any updates??

  7. Andrew says:

    I have been fishing at white acres for some 20 years but experienced my poorest 2 weeks fishing in September 2008. I have tried to reason with the Manager for an explanation and a partial refund but his contempt toward me and im told many others is disgraceful.
    I will not return whilst this manager remains in his position. To my knowledge he remains as the manager as a former large share holder of the holiday park company based in Newcastle.

  8. Aaron says:

    I am booked to go to whiteacres at the end of may. Just recently heard about the infections in the lakes. Just wondering if anyone knows if any of the bigger fish had died? after mid double fish but not to sure what lakes to fish now, any help or updates would be great.

  9. paul says:

    8 weeks now till im going back to whiteacres does any one know if the problems are sorted out yet,heard it was sycammore and another lodge infected.any news please

  10. Simon K says:

    Well, I just come back from whiteacres. My advice is go elsewhere.
    Didn’t see much sign of a disease, but I also didnt see many signs of fish neither!!!

    Went last year, it was good. This year, thumbs down I’m afraid :-(

  11. Kirsty says:


    I see this topic is still hanging around, please rest assured White Acres is fishing well this season and if anyone is in doubt please check out the match focus page of our news-reel website to see recent match results and festival reports.

    Simon K – The match reports from the date of your stay don’t really tally up with what you have experienced as we have plenty of guests that stayed that week and caught well.

    If anyone has any questions or would like any firther information please do not hesiate to call on 01726 862 526 or email

    Regards, Kirsty
    Fishing Lodge, White Acres

  12. paul says:

    just got back from whiteacres today,the place has gone completely to the wall.when we go there last monday,we went into the tackle shop for our fishing passes to find out ery and pats pool were closed due to tests to tests in the water and will not be open until the results came back.we were then told they now have a one rod being there only for a week on pats pool and a week on the pleasure lakes fishing 2 rods,we were totally peed we went for a walk round and there were numerous dead fish floating around,and all he staff are doing is sweeping their problems under the carpet.the place was dead and the fishing is crap.we still had another week left but decided to come home as we could not do our bivvystint on pats if your thinkin of going keep your money in your pocket,its rubbish.

  13. mr jim symes says:

    we have just come home today, 11th july after a week at whiteacres we found out from another angler that they had had the disease back in October, we had not been informed at all. We were very dissapointed with the fishing this year we have only been twice before but we will not be going back again. There were quite a few dead fish floating on the top of the lakes, and many people I spoke to said that they will not be returning after going there for many years. very dissapointing not a cheap holiday either. Jim and rita.

  14. Martin says:

    Hi im booked on for a week on sept 19 and will be mainly be fishing pats as iv fished it before and caught a large number of good size carp smallest 16 biggest 24 and cats to 35, however i have spoken to and read alot about the bad reviews of late coming from white acres!! Can you please inform me of any situations which i need to know about? Thank you but please be honest

  15. BILL OSBOURNE says:

    We booked white acres a week before we went (mid august 09) and looking at the parkdean – news reel websites were really looking forward to fishing the specimen lakes for large carp & cats, but then a couple of days before our holiday we found the storys of dead carp – khv etc which was a bit of a worry.
    I called the tackle shop at white acres to check if the 300 carp in pats pool was accurate and was informed about the khv out break earlier in the year and the stock level being nearer 200 carp in pats which was still promising.

    We spent a fair bit of time fishing pats that week and was dissapointed, if you fished the week you might be lucky enough to catch, there was only one catfish caught worth mentioning in the week we were there and a handful of carp none bigger than 23lbs.

    The lakes were nice, swims clean & plenty available, site facilities as you would expect, tackle lodge staff helpfull but carp stock level low (word was around 100 in pats).

    I hope white acres update there carp stock list for next season as like us people travel a long way and pay good money to stay the week.

  16. BILL OSBOURNE says:

    No sign of dead fish – but very little sign of live ones!!

  17. Ken Greenway says:

    Just come back from Whiteacres, disappointed. Fishing was poor. Spoken to other anglers and all were of the same opinion. One guy, (who said he runs a tackle shop) and his five mates had hit the lakes from dawn till dusk and not had a bite between them. Did’nt know about the disease and no one mentioned it at the fishing lodge. I am only a “pleasure angler”, but surely we can’t have all been doing it wrong!
    This was a family holiday, my daughter and son in law have stayed at several other Park Dean sites and they thought that the standard of housekeeping was poor in comparison. Having an eighteen month old grandchild running about and finding a Knife under the settee is just not good enough.
    This must sound like we had a terrible experiance here, not true, just being honest.

  18. martin says:

    i have just finished a week at white acres and can only have negative comments to say as i emailed prior to arriving and spoke to tackle shop workers months before going and all said no disease had hit specimen lakes but this was far from the truth!!! No catfish were affected but on 3 carp came out of pats all below 20lb and they have restocked nelsons with apparently 50 8-10lb carp from other match lakes from the venue. None of the staff were any help regarding information about disease, baits, tactics to fish but more interested in taking money from you. I fished white acres 3 years ago and throuroughly enjoyed a large number of 20lb + carp and cats from pats but am now sad to say i wont be returning and advise you to save your money and find somewhere else to fish until there sort out their lakes.

  19. massive says:

    hi jus wondered if n e 1 can help, me and my mate are goin 2 white acres in may, whats pats pool like to fish now its had khv and as ne 1 got n e good tips for pats pool

  20. Gregstac says:

    I have just returned today from a week at Whiteacres, I am a carp fishermen so went there with the intention of fishing Pat’s Pool which still according to their website holds 300 Carp and 100 Catfish,,,,,,,What a load of B******T! When we arrived we went to the fishing lodge to pick up our permits and was immediately told that Pat’s Pool now only has 50 Carp and maybe 50 Cat’s. This is absolutely disgraceful!!! I asked why their website and brochure still claimed the large numbers and was told that these things take time to sort…Crap!!! the website could be updated instantly! and as for still sending out brochures with the same claims. Well if you thinking of booking for specimen fishing DONT! and if anyone from the fishery would like to comment you are welcome to your opinion as I am of mine.
    I have complained via Parkdean but on monday morning I will be filing a complaint for false advertising via Trading Standards. £1000 wasted between 4 of us.

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