Gordon Ramsay – eels kitchen!

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This time is not ‘hells kitchen’ but more like ‘eels kitchen’.

Ok, this is no joke really, Gordon Ramsay was filmed trapping elvers (young eels) on the River Severn for his F Word show and then cooking them on a barbecue before serving them on toast.

Gordon, who has been in deep water with conservationists in the past over endangered fish was filmed with a licensed fisherman catching the eels in Bristol. After six hours they had caught enough to make a meal. Ramsay said on the programme: “Six hours to catch, 30 seconds to cook.

A license is required to fish for eels (Which Gordon had acquired), so there is an argument he did no wrong. However in my opinion a top chef should choose his dishes a little wiser and preserve our fish stocks.

Mark Salt, secretary of the National Anguilla Club, said Ramsay should be “ashamed” of cooking endangered eels which conservationists are trying to save.

He said: “With eels stocks at their lowest ever, Gordon Ramsay should be thoroughly ashamed of his exploits.”

“For a chef who is supposedly responsible, preaching conservation and sustainable food sources, this sort of behaviour is deplorable.”

Yes, he should be ashamed, for sending out the wrong message to the public, but the Environment Agency has the power to make the rules and dish out licenses. If stocks are that low why isn’t there a total ban applied for a couple of years to re-gain stocks?

Lest face it, Gordons eel fishing was silly, but this was for just for one dish – how many eels are being fished for (with a license) each day. Likewise with all other fish species that are in risk of vanishing, including Cod. The authority who give these licenses out know the imapact, and in my opinion not enough is being done to preserve future fish stocks.

This is a very serious subject, and I welcome your comment below.




2 Responses to “Gordon Ramsay – eels kitchen!”
  1. Alan says:

    Nice post, I agree the environment agency should be a little stricter on the licenses they give out – they are the ones in control.

  2. Dave Smith says:

    The EA amongst other agency’s are currently devising EMP’s (Eel Management Plans), which will come into force next year, along with a lisiting on CITES appendix b.

    The main issue we have with Mr. Ramsey is the promotion of eating an endangered species, the people of the UK don’t really eat that many elvers. most of those caught (licenced or otherwise) are exported. however the last thing the eels survival needs is an increase in their demand across the UK.

    The largest business in the uk dealing with the extraction currently has a turnover in excess of £3m p.a. which as you can imagine is an awful lot of Eels.

    Hopefully when the EMP’s begin to come into force next year the decline of the Eel will begin to be reversed, but I’d agree it would be a simple starting point for the EA to reduce the number of netting licences issued and revise thier costs to make the business less profitable.

    Dave Smith
    Internet Officer – National Anguilla Club

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