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In my opinion Devon is one of the best counties in the UK for sea fishing; it also holds a few great rivers for game fishing, and plenty of mature lakes for still water fishing. Therefore for a fishing holiday in the UK, Devon should be high on the list.

If being spoilt for choice over the fishing marks in Devon wasn’t enough! There is also plenty of fishing holiday accommodation to choose from too, including holiday cottages in Devon, farmhouses, B&B’s campsites and hotels.

Devon covers a wide area in South West, which means plenty of fishing marks. I’d imagine most people will think of Dartmoor and the city of Plymouth as being the most famous places in Devon, and they would probably be right.

However, my favourite area of Devon is located in South East Devon (to the right of Dartmoor and about a ½ hour drive North of Plymouth), in an area known as the ‘south hams’. With typical Devon countryside including the rolling hills, tall brick hedges and old traditional villages there are plenty of options for holiday accommodation.

I’m not so familiar with North Devon, but from viewing images it looks more in fashion with Cornwall, with a very rugged coastline.

Whichever coastline you choose its only approximately an hour from one coastline to the other. With plenty of good game and coarse fishing marks in-between.

As the fishing hotspots section in Devon continues to grow, you will also need to find accommodation in Devon. Shortly I will be providing a list of places to stay in Devon with fishing nearby.



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