Essential Fishing advice for Rock Fishing

April 27, 2008 by  
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OK, fishing from rocks can be great fun, but also very dangerous if not respected.

My main points of advice would be:

Safety Aspects:

1) Check out the fishing mark in the daytime, so you’re prepared for the night.

2) Tell a family or friend member where you are going, and when you expect to be back home

3) Always fish with a friend

4) Take a mobile phone with you, and make sure it’s charged up!

5) Pack a spare torch, wear a headlamp and a main light source – tilly lamps are best + matches.

6) Wear a flotation suite

7) Pack some rope in you backpack

8) Wear good boots with plenty of grip.

9) Look out for slippery rocks

10) Look out for big sea swells and rouge waves

11) Never risk your footing in order to reel in a fish.

12) When casting always ensure you have a sturdy foothold.

13) Dress for the weather, but always ware your flotation suite.

14) If conditions are too rough, go home!

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