Redmire Pool – Herefordshire

Redmire Pool

Redmire Pool

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Herefordshire, Redmire’s life as such started in March 1934 when the then owners of the estate instructed a fish supplier by the name of Donald Leney to stock the pool with 50 small Carp (5.5″-8″) in a bid to combat the extensive weed in the pool. These fish since known as ‘Leneys’ have since grown to become one of the larger stock of carp in the UK.

Redmire pool is one of, if not the most popular fishing pools in the UK. Steeped in angling history this pool has been mentioned countless times in magazines, angling books and TV programmes. In particular the respected angler Chris Yates (caught a massive 51.5lb Mirror from Redmire pool) who along side Bob James presents the TV angling programme ‘a passion for angling’.

Most notable though is Richard (Dick) Walker who on September 13th 1952 caught the famous ‘Clarrisa’ at that time a new record weight of 44lbs. ‘Clarrisa’ spent the rest of her days residing in London Zoo.

Other top anglers who have dipped their line at Redmire Pool includes:
Jack Hilton, Tom Mintram, Bill Quinlan, Len Arbery, Kevin Clifford, Peter Springate and Kevin Maddocks to name but a few.

Not too long ago Redmire was very much a ‘closed shop’ and the fishing was kept very private and secretive, but now thanks to the present owners the magic and mystery of Redmire is available to all. Although due to it being so popular a long waiting list is expected, upto a years booking is sometimes required.

It’s not certain that Redmire holds the monsters it once did but it still has a good number of carp including many twenties and perhaps a handful over thirty.  However with fishing, especially Redmire  pool there is always the unknown. Redmire is unique, historic and enchanted – it’s an anglers dream…

Out of all the pools in the UK, Redmire Pool is one that I wish to visit one day. Knowing its history, the carp that have been caught here and the top anglers who have fished Redmire, fishing here would give  me endless satisfaction – even if a drew a blank!.

If or when I do fish here, I’m sure I’ll be able to write a comprehensive review on my experience and any catches I make. – With any luck I’ll get an invite to write a review  :-)

Redmire Pool Bookings

Bookings for the 2009-2010 season will be taken from from 10:00am on Monday 26th January, 2009. Enquiries for these dates will be taken on +44 (0) 1989 770703 (please note that bookings will not be taken on Les Bamford’s mobile number or by email). The prices are as follows:

Summer rates (16th June-1st November)
Weekend (1pm Friday-1pm Sunday) £100 per person
5 Days (2pm Sunday-12noon Friday) £225 per person
7 Days (2pm Sunday-1pm Sunday) £325 per person

Winter rates (1st November-8th March)*
Weekend (1pm Friday-1pm Sunday) £60 per person
5 Days (2pm Sunday-12noon Friday) £130 per person
7 Days (2pm Sunday-1pm Sunday) £190 per person

* The last week of the season (8th March-14th March) is only available as a group booking for 4 anglers. The rate for this is £1,000.

Payment in full will be required within 8 weeks from the date the booking was taken. Payments not received within this time will result in the booking being cancelled. For all other enquiries please contact Les Bamford on +44 (0) 7723 300927, or email:

Please remember that fishing on Redmire is open to all. It is not necessary to be a member of any particular association, society or club to book fishing on the pool.