Buying a Fishing Pole

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Looking to Buy a Fishing Pole?

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I started fishing with a pole when I was 12 (a good 23 years ago) at Bolingey lake in Cornwall, before it changed hands so many times and shape, but that another story. The pole I had was a Victory V and at the time was a semi-decent pole – weighed a ton though!

I’ve had a few poles since, and have tried many of my angling friends so I do know what to look out for when buying a pole, but the first decision you need to make is what will you be catching, and what’s the poles main purpose, match fishing, carp fishing or a little of both?

Below are a few pointers to help you decide.

Match Poles
Match poles are very light and very stiff, for this reason they are also very expensive. They need to be light as when match fishing you are generally holding the pole 98% of the time (in competition). In general they have a maximum elastic rating of around a number 10 or 12, as there main purpose is for catching Rudd, Roach & Bream (silver fish) and Carp averaging around 3lb. A pole if fished correctly will catch much bigger fish, but to the match angler fishing on canals their main target is to bag up on smaller fish, but in quantity.

Carp Poles
Carp poles overt he last 10 tens have become very popular, although not a traditional match pole, they are actually becoming more popular on matches when fished on a commercial lake, where you can expect to catch 10lb+ carp. For this reason the Carp Pole is a lot heavier than the match poles as it has to be much stronger. Carp poles are more flexible, and heavier than the Match Pole, they are designed to take a heavy elastic.

All-Round Poles:
For the general angler this is the preferred pole, as it caters for both carp and match fishing. They offer strength are fairly light, but at the same time stiff. The main attraction is that they come with different top section to cater for either match or carp fishing. Match top kits (Elastics up to 12) and power top kits (Generally up to size 16 elastic). Selecting the appropriate kit you can have the best of both worlds in a Pole that is much, much cheaper than the average Match fishing Pole.
Top of the range poles can be £3,000+ So be sure you buy from a respectable dealer, and if you’re paying this sort of money I would advise you go to your local tackle shop to have a feel for the pole, and then shop online for a bargain!

Please browse through the below books and DVDs on pole fishing:

Baited Bacon Strips

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There are lots of different carp baits on the market these days. However one bait that is very cheap is grilled bacon ends.



I have used this on many occasions with great success. I think its because carp get used to luncheon meat, corn, boilies and pellets, so when a semi rare bait is introduced they jump on it immediately as they do not associate it with them being caught.

 As a tip, try soaking it with soya sauce overnight.


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The barbel are very slim and streamlined making them well suited to fast flowing rivers. Barbel tend to feed mainly on various bottom dwelling creatures including insect larvae and crustaceans such as crayfish, freshwater mussels and shrimps.; larger fish also catch crayfish, molluscs and small fish.

With it’s streamline body and large, deeply forked caudal fin the barbel has got to be one of the hardest fighting fish you will ever catch. They won’t give up until they are totally exhausted. Therefore care must be taken when returning them to the water. Hold them in their natural position until they are ready to swim off. Failure to do this especially in rivers could cost the Barbel its life.


  • Upper jaw protrudes over lower jaw
  • 4 Barbules
  • Long slim body
  • Powerful pharyngeal teeth
  • High, short dorsal fin

Big Fish Games

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Okay, you’ve woken early to go fishing, but the weather is terrible, stormy and dull. The wind is in the east (the fish bite the least).

From my experience when conditions are this bad the best place is to stay at home. But your still eager to fish I hear you say! OK its second best and may not be every ones idea of fun, but you could play a few fishing games on your PC or Games console.

One of my favourites is:

Rapala: Tournament Fishing for the Xbox 360

  • Realistic fish detail with advanced AI
  • Fish in over 500,000 specially-selected acres of the world’s finest trophy waters
  • Guided trips led by Rapala’s Pro Staff
  • Catch bass, pike, walleye, salmon, catfish, muskie, trout and more!
  • Okay, its not the real thing, but you have stayed dry, safe and still managed to hook and land a fish – albeit online :-)


    Coarse Fishing Clubs

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    Fishing Clubs are a great way to gain entry into top angling lakes, make friends and gain knowledge.

    Here are a selection of popular fishing clubs in the UK

    Billericay and District Angling Club – Essex
    The club has 30 fishing venues to choose from including the Suffolk Stour and River Roding.
    Membership costs: £58 including joining fee.
    Tel: 0870 240 7074 for further details.

    Bradford No 1 Angling Association – West Yorkshire
    11 lakes, 4.25 miles of canal ans approximately 43 miles of river.
    Membership costs: Under 17’s pay £14, ladies and over 65’s pay £16, adults £36. There is also a joining fee.
    Tel: 01274 421 786 for further details

    Derby Railway Angling Club – Derbyshire
    Sections of the River Trent, River Dove, The Trent and Mersey canal, plus a few stillwaters.
    Membership costs: Adults £41, OAP’s £24, under 16’s £5. No joining fee.
    Tel: 01332 792807 for further details.

    Kings Lynn Angling Association – Norfolk
    Miles of fen drains, Tottenhill and Snetterton Pitt, The Great Ouse
    Membership costs: Adults £36, concessions for juniors and OAPs.
    Tel: 01553 671 545 for further information

    London Anglers Association – London
    Lots of waters including the Grand Union Canal, River Thames, Suffolk Stour, The Great Ouse, Hampshire Avon, River Lea, River Cam, River Stort.Plus a variety of stillwaters.
    Membership costs: Adults £42, OAPs £25, under 16’s £24
    Tel: 02085 207477 for further details

    Merthyr Tydfil Angling Association – Mid Glamorgan
    Two reservoirs including Pontsticil and 3 lakes near Merthyr. Plus two reservoirs on the Brecon Beacons. River Usk for coarse, trout and salmon. and 17 miles on the upper Taff.
    Membership costs: Merthyr Borough Residents £50 plus £10 joining fee. Non-residents pay £140 each year for 1st 2 years and then £50 there after. 12-18 yrs £25 and under 12’s pay £15.
    Tel: 01685 723520 for further details

    Marazion Angling Club – Cornwall
    St Erth, Wheal Grey and Sharkey’s Pit.
    Membership Costs: Adult £55, Ladies £40, Juniors £18.50, family membership £85, OAPs £40.
    Tel: 01736 756767 for futher details.

    If you are a member or know of a good fishing club then feel free to add comments or email so I can update the list.

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