Helicopter Hook Rig

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I never see this rig used on a regular basis, therefore it is one which could work on waters that are heavily fished:

To setup the helicopter rig you do not tie the hook on. The idea is that the hook is free to spin around on the hooklink, and this enables it to take hold in the carps mouth as soon as the line is tightened on the strike. The way the hook is attached acts as a line aligner, and the hook bites home every time. This hook rig only works in conjunction with a stiff link, for example stiff nylon, and the larger the hook the better, for example a size 4 is ideal. The reason for the large hook is due to the large eye, which allows the hook to swivel more freely. This rig should only be used with a critically balanced bottom bait, as it counters the weight of the hook and hooklink. Place a float stop on the link, then thread the hook on. Tie a secure knot in the end of the link, then super glue to ensure it holds. The knot will need to be much larger than the eye of the hook, to ensure the hook will not fall off. At the other end , tie the swivel on with a loop knot so that the link is free to move at that end, thus increasing movement.

Snowman Rig

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The snowman rig provides almost neutral buoyancy which allows it to behave extremely naturally when lying just above the lake bed.

The idea behind the rig is that the small bait at the top of the hair is designed to counteract the buoyant pop-up below. Shaped like a body and head is where the rigs name, ‘snowman’ comes from. Dont make it critically balanced as it will float a little too much, the idea behind the snowman rig is to have the larger boilie pinned to the surface, with the smaller pop-up boilie above it. You can check for the correct buoyancy by testing the rig in a bait box full of water with a free boilie next to it. When you swish the water, watch to see if the rig bait moves similar to the free boilie. If the rig is too bouyant just trim a little off the pop-up. Its also good to trim both boilies so they change shape, carp become familiar with rounded boilies, and the larger carp may shy away. Colours and flavours also make a diference. There is no right or wrong, just experiment and see what works best for you.

Tying The Snowman Rig

Start by tying yourself a knotless knott. Make sure you have enough or a hair to add both of the baits.  Presentation is very important, if the baits dont site correctly due to too long or too shoter hair the carp may not take it, or if they do the hook may not hold in the carp.

Using a baiting needle thread the larger boilie on, followed by the pop-up. Then secure with a boilie stop, try to match the boilie stop colour with the colour of the pop-up for perfect presentation.

Test your rig in the margins, or a water container to see how it sits. If required add a small shot or tungsten putty to keep the snowman from popping up too much.

TFGear All Round Clothing Jacket and Trousers Combo

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TFG Waterproofs

I’ve just bought the TFGear All Round Clothing Jacket, it’s one of the best waterproofs I have bought. Im not totally into the camo gear (except for a pair of shades I own, and an old pair of trousers) So this colour sheme fits into my fashion criteria. They are very comfy and light and will make a good addition to winter fishing as well as summer evenings.
TFGear All Round JACKET
A waterproof jacket that offers great all year protection. The TFGear All Round Jacket has been designed to accommodate a fleece underneath in colder weather, which will ensure total thermal protection even in the depths of winter. Available in sizes M-XXL. TFG-JK409-(Size)

Robust and durable, these TFGear All Round waterproof trousers have been developed for the rigours of fishing. Generously tailored to allow unrestricted movement no matter how active your day by the water becomes. Available in sizes M-XXL. TFG-PT005-(Size)

If you like these waterproof products from TFGear and would like further information or to purchase them please click here.

Korda boilie Krusha

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Korda boilie krushaThe Korda boilie Krusha is robust and built to stand up to the rigours of bait crushing, it has been carefully constructed from soild materials and the Teeth inside the Krusha will demolish the hardest of baits including tiger nuts, air-dried boilies or brazils. Simply place your chosen bait inside the Korda Boilie Krusha, push the two sides together and get twisting, the more you twist the more you Krush!.

The Krusha is a great time saving device, it will also be very useful in cold weather too, when your hands are freezing and trying to chop up boiles becomes impossible. The Krusher is simple with very little effort required, simply insert the bait, and twist. The more you twist the finer the bait becomes.

I’ve used this on boilies and hard halibutt pellets, it crushes them with no problems.

Click here to Buy the Korda Boilie Krusha now, it is available in two sizes small (FC-KRUSHA-S) and large (FC-KRUSHA-L).

Cheap Baits for Carp Fishing

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Carp fishing, if you listen to all the pro’s and magazines can become a tad expensive. Especially buying bait. However if you want to cut down the costs there are a number of cheap baits that work as well, if not better then the traditional pricey baits. Part of the reason these baits work well is due to the fact that the carp is not used to them, they are visually different to what they normally eat, and that the carp probably hasn’t been caught on them before. Therefore they are normally more inquisitive and will try something new.

My selection of cheap baits are:

Pet Food:
Cat or Dog meat is far cheaper than luncheon meat, and is actually much more potent and more attractive to fish.
(some venues have banned meat do to overuse and over poolution – please stick to the rules of the fishery)

For cupping in the meat, pass the meat though a sieve and add a little water.
Use a bread punch, or for larger baits Fox armour mesh for the hooked bait.

Dog and Cat Biscuits
These are very cheap and a bag will last for a long time. Apart from the using these as floating baits they can also be liquidised and added as a groundbait, or mixed in to make a paste.

Bird Food, in particlar ‘pigeon feed’.
There are a number of particle based products within pigeon food, including maze, maples, rapeseed, hemp and dari. But my favourite is called ‘pigeon conditioner’ which contains an assortment of small particles, but the key ingredient is aniseed, which carp love. With all particles you must ensure they are prepared corectly, so boil the seeds for the recommended times and leave overnight in the water to soften further. A sack of pigeon food can last for months and is one of the best carp feed baits availalbe.

Human Foods

Boilies can be made on the cheap, the great thing with homemade boilies is that you can experiment with flavours, colurs and sizes and shapes. The shelf life wont be long, but making your own is fun and much cheaper than purchasing from tackle shops.

The base of the ingredients are:

eggs, semolina and soya flour.

Attractants, depending on what flavours you want can include anchovies, ground up pellets, fishmeal, orange squash, pineapple squash, food dye and flavourings.

The variations are unlimited and trial and error is required.

Carp Fishing Rods

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Salt – A good addition to Bait

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Adding rock salt or sea salt to ground bait or paste will improve your catch rate.
The addition of salt gives that extra flavour which carp and general coarse fish are attracted to.

Do not use table salt, as there are added chemicals which may harm fish. Read more

Fishing Bedchairs

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One of the essential accessories a carp fisherman has is his fishing bedchair.

The idea of the bedchair has been taken from the traditional put-up bed when camping. These days, there is a lot more comfort involved, with padded material, springs and a strong well built frame.

The average carp fisherman is very fussy on comfort and gone are the days when you would fish and snooze under the stars, or rain! These days you will find the carp fisherman tucked away inside his bivvy laying on a bedchair with his bite alarms set waiting for the take.
There are lots of bedchairs on the market here are a few I can recommend:

Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair

Fully adjustable high back design featuring Neoprene headrest Luxurious padded seat Spacer Arm (not included) enables legs to be used at maximum height with side tray in place 4 independently adjustable legs with folding mud feet .

Nash Indulgence Wide Boy Bedchair

The Wide Boy is the carp world’s first king-sized bedchair; For big boys, couples or someone who just wants the ultimate nights sleep.

• Extra wide king sized frame and mattress
• Unique zip-on/zip off mattress
• Fleece covered mattress double depth filing for extra insulation and comfort
• Integral super soft pillow
• Double gauge, aero aluminium frame
• Unique oval centre bars which double strength
• Double braced legs, achieve total rigidity
• Nash sure foot mud feet enhance stability

Nash Indulgence Mark 3 & Mark 4

Indulgence and beyond. The new Mark 3 and Mark 4 bedchairs feature an innovative superluxurious centre mattress for ultimate comfort and insulation. The mattress is zipped into place so that it can be removed for cleaning or to reduce insulation in summer.

Nash Indulgence High Back Chair

A Unique chair that is truly top of the range in comfort Extra high back to give extra support and to protect from chilling winds blowing round the back of your neck Hinge system enables the chair to fold away compactly Double depth luxury filled mattress for extra comfort
JRC Super Cocoon 3 Leg Bedchair

Conventional bedchairs are great but for long sessions you can’t beat the strength and comfort of JRC Super Cocoon 3 Leg Bedchair

• Ultra-light 6061 aluminium frame
• Multi point recliner system
• Zipped in removable head pillow
• Swivel and fold flat mud feet
• High density foam filled cover
• Unique four folding frame
• Fully adjustable legs
• Supplied in zipped bag

Terry Hearn Super Cocoon XL 3 leg

After extensive field testing and development JRC and Terry Hearn are proud to present the Super Cocoon XL 3 leg bedchair. Theultimate comfort in bedchairs

• Unique 4 fold design ensures bedchair is ultra compact when folded
• Sprung mattress gives unrivalled lumbar support and comfort
• Increased strength, rated to 25 stone
• Ultra light aluminium frame
• Zipped in removable head pillow
• Fully adjustable legs and mud feet

Carp Rigs – The essentials

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carp rigsCarp rigs have evolved over the years and some rigs remain a secret to the individual angler.

I have experimented with many different rigs in the past, some have worked but others have failed. I wouldn’t say there is one outstanding rig to use as each one differs and the success of the rig is also down to external factors including:

• The lake conditions – has it been heavily fished recently?
• Fishing methods – Are you spodding? Fishing in the right place?
• Ground the fish are feeding on – Are you fishing on mud, weed, gravel or sand?
• Bait – Boilies, PoP-ups, meat, maggots, worm etc…

If combinations of the above are not correct the fish feeding habits could be affected. So the perfect rig on its day may not work.
Likewise, if the fish are in a feeding frenzy, a rig which not been setup correctly may still work. It’s all down to the conditions on the day.

However having a correct rig will increase your chances of catching fish when some of the other factors are in your favour – it’s all about increasing the odds!

Remember though, that carp will eventually wise up to a good rig if its used on the same lake time and time again. So I would recommend you alternate rigs after a few fishing sessions on the same venue.

Maver Poles

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Maver UK Limited was launched in 1994, with probably the most technically advanced poles in the world at that time. The prestigious Maver brand is the flagship of the group of companies, Maver UK Ltd, Reglass SPA and Paioli Sport. They are Europe’s largest and best producers of competition poles.

Maver  remains firmly at the forefront of pole innovation and technology, the poles below are all recommended and chosen for the varying price range which should accommodate anglers of all skill levels and have also been chosen for their varying price ranges:

Maver Competition 201

Maver 201

The best mid-priced pole Maver have ever produced. The Maver Competition 201 is outstanding at 13M, unbelievable at 14.5M and excellent at 16M. At 11.5M weighing in at a featherweight 618 grms, and at 13M an incredible 868 grms. Supplied with at 16M as standard with a total of 6 kits including the top 3 housed inside the fishing pole.

Pole Special features

  • Magic steps & Sun cure (AFS) finish
  • Teflon joints & Clean caps
  • Nanolith technology & Put over joints
  • Telescopic top 2 match kit
  • Rated to 10 elastic with match kits
  • Rated 12-20 elastic with power kits

Pole Supplied with:

  • 2 x Power kits
  • 2 x Match Top 3 kits
  • Cupping Kit & cups
  • Mini extension
  • Pole bag and DVD

Maver Competition 101

Maver 101

For the price tag this pole is advertised at the Competition 101 fishing pole is nothing short of remarkable.

Featuring the same technology found on models costing more than £2000. Features such as Magic steps, Fusion, Sun Core AFS finish, Teflon joints and Nanolith impregnated fibres have never been available at this price level before. Supplied at 13M as standard the 101 weighs just 696 grms at 11.5M and only 932grms at 13M.

Pole Special features

  • Magic steps & Sun cure (AFS) finish
  • Nanolith technology
  • Rated to 10 elastic with match kits
  • Rated to 12-20 elastic with power kits

Pole Supplied with:

  • 3 x Power kits
  • Cupping kit & cups
  • Mini extension
  • Pole bag and DVD

Maver N25 14.5m

Maver N25

The Maver N25 fishing pole is extremely stiff, has a fast rapidity of action and is beautifully balanced. Supplied as standard with the revolutionary ‘SUN CORE’ finish

Maver N25 Fishing Pole

A perfect all-round fishing pole that is at home on canals, lakes and rivers, but showing its true colours when carp are the target. Weighing just 665 grams at 11.5M and just 910 grams at 13M. This fantastic pole is the best value high performance fishing pole available.

Pole Special Features

  • 9 section Mandrel Technology
  • Wide Bore Tips
  • Put Over Joints
  • Telescopic Top 2 match kit
  • Sun Core
  • Teflon Joints
  • Rated to 10 elastics with match kits fitted
  • Rated to 12/20 hollow elastics with power kits fitted
  • High quality Pole holdall and user guide DVD

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