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The barbel are very slim and streamlined making them well suited to fast flowing rivers. Barbel tend to feed mainly on various bottom dwelling creatures including insect larvae and crustaceans such as crayfish, freshwater mussels and shrimps.; larger fish also catch crayfish, molluscs and small fish.

With it’s streamline body and large, deeply forked caudal fin the barbel has got to be one of the hardest fighting fish you will ever catch. They won’t give up until they are totally exhausted. Therefore care must be taken when returning them to the water. Hold them in their natural position until they are ready to swim off. Failure to do this especially in rivers could cost the Barbel its life.


  • Upper jaw protrudes over lower jaw
  • 4 Barbules
  • Long slim body
  • Powerful pharyngeal teeth
  • High, short dorsal fin

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