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I’ve just had a pretty bad online shopping experience with a tackle shop that ranks highly in Google for a number of search terms. This isn’t the first time this has happened and probably not the last!

I’m putting a poll together which I’d like you to spend just a few seconds of your time to fill out, just to get an idea of how many of you shop online for their tackle, or if there are mixed opinions. From this I’ll collate the data and produce the results.

Also, please feel free to comment below on any good or bad online tackle shops you have experienced.


Do you purchase tackle online?

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Fishing and Camping Holidays in Cornwall

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If your looking for a great fishing holiday in Cornwall then look no further than Perran Springs Holiday Park. Set is a peacful valley not too far from the golden sands of Perranporth beach this site offers three great fishing lakes for all the family.

Camping and Caravanning

With spacious flat level pitches, the fishing lakes can literally be within a stepping distance from your pitch. If your wife isn’t one to fish then she can relax in the quite surroundings, take a walk around the parks nature walk, visit carn moor which runs just below the park, or if the family prefer the beach, then Perranporth is only a 5 minute drive away, or the city of Truro is only a 20minute drive away for a great days shopping!

This site also boasts award winning amenities, with free powerful hot showers. Some have described the facilities as superb and not the normal run of the mill facilities you expect on a holiday park. With a laundry and a small shop which sell the essential items (and a good range of fishing tackle), there is sometimes little need to leave the park. For the children there is a play area and large recreation field for ball games.

Own Your Own Holiday Home

If you fancy owning your own holiday home so you can fish most of the year, then get in touch on 01872 540568 and pre-book your holiday home. This is a new development and the holiday homes are set within prime positions, only a stones throw away from the three lakes. So please pre-book now to avoid disappointment!


Professor David Bellamy has selected Perran Springs Holiday Park to receive his important and prestigious Conservation Award at the GOLD Level.
This award is granted only to holiday parks which have demonstrated a positive sound commitment to the natural world. The David Bellamy Conservation Awards are described by Professor Bellamy as the ‘Green Olympics’ – and go only to parks which help protect and enhance the natural environment.

So if your looking for a great fishing holiday in Cornwall then please consider Perran Springs Holiday Park.

Helicopter Hook Rig

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I never see this rig used on a regular basis, therefore it is one which could work on waters that are heavily fished:

To setup the helicopter rig you do not tie the hook on. The idea is that the hook is free to spin around on the hooklink, and this enables it to take hold in the carps mouth as soon as the line is tightened on the strike. The way the hook is attached acts as a line aligner, and the hook bites home every time. This hook rig only works in conjunction with a stiff link, for example stiff nylon, and the larger the hook the better, for example a size 4 is ideal. The reason for the large hook is due to the large eye, which allows the hook to swivel more freely. This rig should only be used with a critically balanced bottom bait, as it counters the weight of the hook and hooklink. Place a float stop on the link, then thread the hook on. Tie a secure knot in the end of the link, then super glue to ensure it holds. The knot will need to be much larger than the eye of the hook, to ensure the hook will not fall off. At the other end , tie the swivel on with a loop knot so that the link is free to move at that end, thus increasing movement.

Snowman Rig

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The snowman rig provides almost neutral buoyancy which allows it to behave extremely naturally when lying just above the lake bed.

The idea behind the rig is that the small bait at the top of the hair is designed to counteract the buoyant pop-up below. Shaped like a body and head is where the rigs name, ‘snowman’ comes from. Dont make it critically balanced as it will float a little too much, the idea behind the snowman rig is to have the larger boilie pinned to the surface, with the smaller pop-up boilie above it. You can check for the correct buoyancy by testing the rig in a bait box full of water with a free boilie next to it. When you swish the water, watch to see if the rig bait moves similar to the free boilie. If the rig is too bouyant just trim a little off the pop-up. Its also good to trim both boilies so they change shape, carp become familiar with rounded boilies, and the larger carp may shy away. Colours and flavours also make a diference. There is no right or wrong, just experiment and see what works best for you.

Tying The Snowman Rig

Start by tying yourself a knotless knott. Make sure you have enough or a hair to add both of the baits.  Presentation is very important, if the baits dont site correctly due to too long or too shoter hair the carp may not take it, or if they do the hook may not hold in the carp.

Using a baiting needle thread the larger boilie on, followed by the pop-up. Then secure with a boilie stop, try to match the boilie stop colour with the colour of the pop-up for perfect presentation.

Test your rig in the margins, or a water container to see how it sits. If required add a small shot or tungsten putty to keep the snowman from popping up too much.

Winter Fly Fishing

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Trout seem more easily spooked in the winter. A trout’s metabolism makes them want to seek out pools near the bank that are warmed by the sun, so they are more vulnerable. Also due to the slower metabolism, the fish may be sluggish. They often will bite gingerly, hook-ups will be primarily in the tongue. As trout may often go after several small insects in one mouthful. So rigorous setting of the hook is not required. Winter is the time to use subsurface flies. Although, flies will hatch and trout will rise to them under the right conditions during the cold weather months, drifting nymphs under a strike indicator is the most dependable and productive winter fly fishing technique to use this time of the year. Pheasant tails, golden hares ear, stone fly, midge, weighted lures, especially the goldheads are also a popular fly throughout the cold winter months, I would suggest you take quite a few different colours if this is your chosen method. Gold head trout flies can be fished on any line, from a full floater to the fastest of sinkers.

Downsizing your fly patterns is recommended. Sizes 12 to 20 works best since like the fish, the bugs have a slow metabolism in winter also, and they haven’t grown to their full size yet. Downsizing your leader and tippet is also recommended. Many times the water will be more clear in the winter. Dropping down a size or two will help prevent leary fish from being spooked.

Mild winter days, specifically afternoons, can provide some shirtsleeve fishing opportunities. Coastal regions that rarely get snow or ice, need to be checked more for river levels. Three or four days of steady rain can make a river unfishable. It is also rarely enjoyable to fish in well below freezing temperatures. Even if you can dress warmly enough, the ice on the guides make casting nearly impossible, freezing fingertips and the slickness of entering the river is extremely dangerous. Extreme care should be taken when wading in general, one slight misstep, can send you into the river, dangerous all year, this is multiplied by the cold air temperatures in the winter. Also light is much less, making it difficult to see the river bottom while wading. So step very cautiously. And always fish with a partner.

TFGear All Round Clothing Jacket and Trousers Combo

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TFG Waterproofs

I’ve just bought the TFGear All Round Clothing Jacket, it’s one of the best waterproofs I have bought. Im not totally into the camo gear (except for a pair of shades I own, and an old pair of trousers) So this colour sheme fits into my fashion criteria. They are very comfy and light and will make a good addition to winter fishing as well as summer evenings.
TFGear All Round JACKET
A waterproof jacket that offers great all year protection. The TFGear All Round Jacket has been designed to accommodate a fleece underneath in colder weather, which will ensure total thermal protection even in the depths of winter. Available in sizes M-XXL. TFG-JK409-(Size)

Robust and durable, these TFGear All Round waterproof trousers have been developed for the rigours of fishing. Generously tailored to allow unrestricted movement no matter how active your day by the water becomes. Available in sizes M-XXL. TFG-PT005-(Size)

If you like these waterproof products from TFGear and would like further information or to purchase them please click here.

Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket

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Fly Fishing JacketThe new Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket is a superbly designed practical buoyancy device priced within reach of every angler. So, whether wading large salmon rivers or boat fishing on a reservoir, the Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket gives you the peace of mind and functionality never before available at this price. Tailored for maximum comfort, you’ll never know you’re wearing a life jacket until the day you need it. Put through the toughest testing procedures for over 2 years, the Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket has been fully approved to meet the latest ISO12402/5 standards and comes with 120 NEWTON internal bladder.

Available in manual or fully automatic versions.

Every year anglers drown -DON’T BECOME ONE OF THESE STATISTICS! Note: The Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket MUST be worn outside all other garments and is tailored this way; failure to do this may result in injury when activated.

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Automatic Vest Code: F-WAVEHV-A-(+size)
Manual Vest Code: F-WAVEHV-M-(+size)
Replacement Re-arming kit Code: F-WAVEHV-CYL

Click here to buy the Wavehopper Fly Vest now!

Korda boilie Krusha

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Korda boilie krushaThe Korda boilie Krusha is robust and built to stand up to the rigours of bait crushing, it has been carefully constructed from soild materials and the Teeth inside the Krusha will demolish the hardest of baits including tiger nuts, air-dried boilies or brazils. Simply place your chosen bait inside the Korda Boilie Krusha, push the two sides together and get twisting, the more you twist the more you Krush!.

The Krusha is a great time saving device, it will also be very useful in cold weather too, when your hands are freezing and trying to chop up boiles becomes impossible. The Krusher is simple with very little effort required, simply insert the bait, and twist. The more you twist the finer the bait becomes.

I’ve used this on boilies and hard halibutt pellets, it crushes them with no problems.

Click here to Buy the Korda Boilie Krusha now, it is available in two sizes small (FC-KRUSHA-S) and large (FC-KRUSHA-L).

Sea Fishing Books

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Sea Fishing Safety

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All types of fishing can be potentially dangerous, but out of all fishing venue types, the coastline and sea has to be the most dangerous. Simply because in the UK the sea is so unpredictable. Strong tides, freak waves, the weather and erosion all play a part, and over the years many lives have been lost.

Beach Fishing

Potential dangers include:

  • Being cut of by the tide
  • Freak Waves
  • Getting out of your depth if wading into the sea
  • Shifting sands

Rock Fishing

Potential dangers include:

  • Falling off the edge
  • Slipping in wet conditions
  • Being washed off by a freak wave

Boat Fishing

Potential dangers include:

  • Capsizing
  • Falling overboard
  • Breaking down out at sea
  • Getting lost – in the fog
  • Boat fires

To help prevent any disasters I recommend you purchase some safety equipment, after all you’d spend a lot on fishing gear, but how much is you life worth. Equipment to consider includes:

  • Life jackets, also know as Buoyancy aids – ideal for fishing
  • Torch or some kind of light
  • Compass, or better still a GPS
  • Mobile phone
  • Flares
  • First aid kit
  • Spare petrol / diesel when boay fishing
  • Good all round clothing, waterproofs, hats, boots

However the most important advice is never to take risks, go fishing with a friend and always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.
It’s always a good idea to inform the local coastguard via VHF if you are planning a boat trip overnight, but keep them informed when you return back to base.

Also check the weather forecast before you leave, the sea can get very rough before any sight of a storm, being in a storm and a rough sea can be fatal!

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