TFGear All Round Clothing Jacket and Trousers Combo

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TFG Waterproofs

I’ve just bought the TFGear All Round Clothing Jacket, it’s one of the best waterproofs I have bought. Im not totally into the camo gear (except for a pair of shades I own, and an old pair of trousers) So this colour sheme fits into my fashion criteria. They are very comfy and light and will make a good addition to winter fishing as well as summer evenings.
TFGear All Round JACKET
A waterproof jacket that offers great all year protection. The TFGear All Round Jacket has been designed to accommodate a fleece underneath in colder weather, which will ensure total thermal protection even in the depths of winter. Available in sizes M-XXL. TFG-JK409-(Size)

Robust and durable, these TFGear All Round waterproof trousers have been developed for the rigours of fishing. Generously tailored to allow unrestricted movement no matter how active your day by the water becomes. Available in sizes M-XXL. TFG-PT005-(Size)

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Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket

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Fly Fishing JacketThe new Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket is a superbly designed practical buoyancy device priced within reach of every angler. So, whether wading large salmon rivers or boat fishing on a reservoir, the Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket gives you the peace of mind and functionality never before available at this price. Tailored for maximum comfort, you’ll never know you’re wearing a life jacket until the day you need it. Put through the toughest testing procedures for over 2 years, the Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket has been fully approved to meet the latest ISO12402/5 standards and comes with 120 NEWTON internal bladder.

Available in manual or fully automatic versions.

Every year anglers drown -DON’T BECOME ONE OF THESE STATISTICS! Note: The Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest Lifejacket MUST be worn outside all other garments and is tailored this way; failure to do this may result in injury when activated.

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Automatic Vest Code: F-WAVEHV-A-(+size)
Manual Vest Code: F-WAVEHV-M-(+size)
Replacement Re-arming kit Code: F-WAVEHV-CYL

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Korda boilie Krusha

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Korda boilie krushaThe Korda boilie Krusha is robust and built to stand up to the rigours of bait crushing, it has been carefully constructed from soild materials and the Teeth inside the Krusha will demolish the hardest of baits including tiger nuts, air-dried boilies or brazils. Simply place your chosen bait inside the Korda Boilie Krusha, push the two sides together and get twisting, the more you twist the more you Krush!.

The Krusha is a great time saving device, it will also be very useful in cold weather too, when your hands are freezing and trying to chop up boiles becomes impossible. The Krusher is simple with very little effort required, simply insert the bait, and twist. The more you twist the finer the bait becomes.

I’ve used this on boilies and hard halibutt pellets, it crushes them with no problems.

Click here to Buy the Korda Boilie Krusha now, it is available in two sizes small (FC-KRUSHA-S) and large (FC-KRUSHA-L).