Fishing Bedchairs

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One of the essential accessories a carp fisherman has is his fishing bedchair.

The idea of the bedchair has been taken from the traditional put-up bed when camping. These days, there is a lot more comfort involved, with padded material, springs and a strong well built frame.

The average carp fisherman is very fussy on comfort and gone are the days when you would fish and snooze under the stars, or rain! These days you will find the carp fisherman tucked away inside his bivvy laying on a bedchair with his bite alarms set waiting for the take.
There are lots of bedchairs on the market here are a few I can recommend:

Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair

Fully adjustable high back design featuring Neoprene headrest Luxurious padded seat Spacer Arm (not included) enables legs to be used at maximum height with side tray in place 4 independently adjustable legs with folding mud feet .

Nash Indulgence Wide Boy Bedchair

The Wide Boy is the carp world’s first king-sized bedchair; For big boys, couples or someone who just wants the ultimate nights sleep.

• Extra wide king sized frame and mattress
• Unique zip-on/zip off mattress
• Fleece covered mattress double depth filing for extra insulation and comfort
• Integral super soft pillow
• Double gauge, aero aluminium frame
• Unique oval centre bars which double strength
• Double braced legs, achieve total rigidity
• Nash sure foot mud feet enhance stability

Nash Indulgence Mark 3 & Mark 4

Indulgence and beyond. The new Mark 3 and Mark 4 bedchairs feature an innovative superluxurious centre mattress for ultimate comfort and insulation. The mattress is zipped into place so that it can be removed for cleaning or to reduce insulation in summer.

Nash Indulgence High Back Chair

A Unique chair that is truly top of the range in comfort Extra high back to give extra support and to protect from chilling winds blowing round the back of your neck Hinge system enables the chair to fold away compactly Double depth luxury filled mattress for extra comfort
JRC Super Cocoon 3 Leg Bedchair

Conventional bedchairs are great but for long sessions you can’t beat the strength and comfort of JRC Super Cocoon 3 Leg Bedchair

• Ultra-light 6061 aluminium frame
• Multi point recliner system
• Zipped in removable head pillow
• Swivel and fold flat mud feet
• High density foam filled cover
• Unique four folding frame
• Fully adjustable legs
• Supplied in zipped bag

Terry Hearn Super Cocoon XL 3 leg

After extensive field testing and development JRC and Terry Hearn are proud to present the Super Cocoon XL 3 leg bedchair. Theultimate comfort in bedchairs

• Unique 4 fold design ensures bedchair is ultra compact when folded
• Sprung mattress gives unrivalled lumbar support and comfort
• Increased strength, rated to 25 stone
• Ultra light aluminium frame
• Zipped in removable head pillow
• Fully adjustable legs and mud feet

Casting a Multiplier Reel

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There are many ways to skin a cat or in this case spin a cast. We are talking, of course, about casting multiplier reels sometimes known as “baitcasters.” They are a more effective way to cast . Whether your fishing with squid or worm, multiplier reels are the way to go when you want to cast far for those bigger species..

Many anglers who are used to fixed spools are skeptic about using multiplier reels because they fear an over-run or even worse, that they won’t know how to use one. Fact is, multiplier reels are quite easy to use and cast.

A great idea when you cast is to hold it at 45 degrees towards the sea. You want to make sure you cast up instead of out. This will help the line come off the spool slower and allow you to achieve a cast with greater distance. It will also help you to avoid the most common rookie mistake– the dreaded birds nest. Make sure that your rod is the same weight as your lure for the best cast. A steady hand will go a long way in your fishing endeavors.

Another tip to keep in mind is stopping the spool firmly just before the lead breaks the water. Make sure to control it with a thumb finger as soon as the lead begins sinking. The trick is to start off gently and then build up your power at a slow pace. This technique will help you with greatly with efficiency and is another way to avoid birds nest. Once you get over your fear of multiplier reels, you will start seeing big results. Just remember that it may take you a few different tries at first, but it will be well worth it once you start reeling in those big fish!